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Whats up ?

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My very strong hive swarmed twice in the past 2 days. Today while doing yard work i saw a queen on a blackberry leaf with several other bees around her. Is this a new queen out for a mating flight ? This was about 10 feet from the hive that swarmed. It looked like a mini ball of bees, maybe 6 or 7 and a Queen.
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Hi, Im kinda worried about this kind of thing in the future when my hives take off and get bigger.What type of hives do you have? Do they have lots of room or did yiu add another box?
I added a hogg halfcomb box but i guess i was too late and they had allready planed on swarming. Even after the swarm the hive is still very strong but i don't think i'll get any excess honey from this hive. I was a little laid back with this hive and did not do any inspections recently so its probably my own fault. The good thing is I was able to capture the swarm and so now I have another hive started. Gotta love the free Bees.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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