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All of my hives ar cheek to jowl, 4 per pallet, two back to back. So, your couldn't have been too close to each other.

Very strange. You should have someone look the situation over to have a good idea as to what has happened.

You said that you are a first year beekeeper, so maybe you just don't know what you are seeing. Maybe they weren't in as good a shape as you thought. And I find it difficult to understand how after the TBH vacated itself you were3 able to bring it back to life w/ a queen and syrup and now the other hive is abandoned and cleaned out. And you didn't see any unusual activity?

We aren't getting the full picture. Which, if we were there ourselves we would have a better idea. I don't know. Ya got me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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