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What's it doing

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I do not think this is a honey bee but more of a wasp. What you are doing playing with
wasp and not honey bees? It is carrying food to feed the young wasp. That may be a
cocoon that it is carrying. Are you sure this is a honey bee?
Not sure wife sent it to me . I did see what looked like a solid black drone size flying around where this bee is .
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It's a bee of some kind . Did first think it was one of my honey bees .

But know I wonder what kind it is . Bumble bee of some kind?
Ahh, just leave them bee. Set out a swarm trap for some
honey bees is more fun to play with.
It's a leaf cutter bee!
I have a lot of them around here. They don't do any harm other than cut some leaves off of plants like roses. They are also pollinators. I've seen them in the flowers along with the honeybees.
Bee Honeybee Insect Megachilidae Invertebrate
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Leaf cutter bee. They take several small pieces of leaf like you see and curl them up to make a "tube" for their nest.
Yap looks like it is . It's going to have to move from the chair though .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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