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What's going on?

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It's probably normal but being totally new I'm not recognizing what's happening.
I installed a strong nuc next to a recently installed weaker nuc.
I put an entrance reducer on the weaker one expecting robbing by the new stronger one.

What I'm seeing is the normal very casual behavior that I've gotten used to with the first hive but the new one is having a lot of activity around the front of the hive.
What I mean by that is a lot of bees flying and hovering around the entrance. Not necessarily aggressive but very excited it seems.
What gives?
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Here's a decent video of typical orientation flight behavior. Youtube has a lot more that show it also.
That crossed my mind but I figured that would be a larger area of flight.
Thanks for the reassurance.
Barry... yup, that exactly what I'm seeing!

I was being cautious because first thing this morning I thought they were about to swarm because the were gathering in large clusters on the outside of the nuc box.
I learned that this is called "bearding" and its cause.

I switched it over to the hive body as planned and then saw this.

I sure am glad that the bees are smarter than I am with this stuff.
Wow! This thread answers one of my many questions as well! Thank you.
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