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Whats buzzy

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My name is Dan. I ordered and just put in my first hive in my backyard in Alabama. I have been reading and learning about beekeeping for about 6 months now. I studied all the bees that are available to us in the US. I ended up ordering Russian VSH bees. Took a little longer to recieve than expected, but I think everything will be to great satisfaction. Been out there every day watching and waiting till this Thursday when I can open my hive and see what work they have done. Hoping to see the queen busy and some foundations drawn out. I had all new equipment so I know it will probly take a little longer to get going. This is my new adventure that I hope to make into something extordinary.
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Welcome, you will be pleasantly surprised how much those girls can do in a couple weeks. People who say "busy has a bee" have no clue just how industrious they are.

Good work studying up for a few months before you purchase. As I'm sure you know there is alot of information, and often not alot of time to digest it. Buying first then reading already makes you behind the game.

Very good choice in genetics too. I'm a fan of VSH (but not Russians). If you get other hives, try other genetics, see what you like.
Thanks. Its great to have a place to come and get advise when you need it from experianced beeks. This is a great place to learn and study real life situations, instead of just reading books. I am looking forward to every part of this site and people on here to learn and to get to know as we carry on with the long traditions of beekeeping. Thanks. Dan
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