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What would happen if...

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You set up a Deep bottom and a Med super with 2/1 sugar syrup in a spot where you want to keep the hive. (EDIT: just a little syrup, like 1/4 cup on a thin board or something)
What would be the chances that you could catch a swarm that way?

Curious if a scout would say " Gee Wiz not only a clean home but a refrigerator to boot ! "
:lpf: Ok 2nd part was semi joking.

I am a bit bored here today, I just heard that we are suppose to get snow here tonight :( And 60º on Sunday :pinch:
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It’s said that setting up a swarm box w/ feed is not a good idea as any scout bees would be turned off by the presence of robbers hanging about. But on the other hand, scout bees are old foragers.
True, but then wouldn't the scent of the syrup be an attractant ?
I'm not talking a big feeder, just a little to entice. I should have been more clear.
Then robbers wouldn't be there as there isn't really enough for that many or not enough to cause a frenzy ?
Swarm Commander or LGO (lemon grass oil) have the scent that attracts them without the issue of attracting robbers. J
Linda, sugar syrup does not really have a scent unless you add it. Just use the LGO or Swarm Commander, or both. That is all you need, along with a decent location. Of course, a used box and some old drawn comb really help, but they are not absolutely necessary.
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