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What will they do with excess OA?

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Long story, but I ended up doing an oxalic acid dribble on my new packages this morning. I absolutely did not apply more than the recommended dose of 5 ml per seam and in fact applied much less. Nevertheless, when I went out this afternoon, I notice a small film of liquid near the entrance which I am assuming is some extra oxalic acid that came through the seam nearest the entrance.

Assuming that is the case, how might this affect them? Since it has sugar mixed in will they consume it, thereby, causing harm to themselves? I did notice several bees in the grass by the entrance who were still alive but it makes me think they may have ingested too large of a quantity? Feel bad about this.

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To have a little bit run out the bottom board would not be unheard of. Roughly a thousand bees a day die of normal causes though many fly away to do so. You would find a few in the grass around mine at almost anytime. If the mix ratio of OA to sugar syrup was correct you have nothing to worry about.
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