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what were my bees thinking

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Just unloaded a box of bees out of the back of the truck and within 10 min this is where the stragglers decided to congregate
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Any idea why they would do that, it sounded like.they went in deep too. It had to be hot in there it had ran for 20 min prior. I wish I could have gotten it on video when I started the truck and blew them out
When it is cold, do you have noticeable moisture in your exhaust? My bees have been obsessed with the moist edges of a pile of sheet-metal in my yard and with the metal valve on the end of our water hose. Before I can use the water-hose, I have to brush the bees off of the end. I think they are after what ever is in the corrosion.
Even if that is the case where were they planning on taking what they found, I can only assume they just saw a dark hole and went for it. I have moved hives before and normally they would just cluster on the tailgate or something so that is why it seems so crazy to me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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