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What To Do With Weak Hive

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I have two former laying workers hives that have been shaken out and requeened. The queens have been accepted but has not started laying. I believe there is not enough bees left in the hives. One hive has about 2 1/2 frames of bees and the other has about 1 frame. It has been a month and the queens are still alive but not laying yet. I have battled robbing on both hives.

I have two booming hives that I could steal from if I had to.

What should I do to help thing along?
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we put frames of eggs w/ adhering bees, frames of capped with adhering bees, or just shake bees off of brood frames into weak hives and splits. Works just fine, just make sure you dont shake or transfer your queen from one to the other.
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