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I had a hive 30 days ago and the bees were buzzing in the hive and by evening a large group had moved up to the top of the hive cover extension. They were there at 10 pm but the next morning they were gone and I had a qt plus of dead bees in front of the hive and still lots of bees in the hive. I thought the queen had gone back into the hive I did an inspection (been gone for 3 weeks).
Hive looked normal, lots honey and bees. I found a couple of queen cells and dropped them into a nuc with some bees, brood, and honey and a med supper 85% full of honey that I had stuck on couple of weeks ago.

I looked into the hive on Wednesday and found a little egg/brood action on a few places. On one frame I found a couple of queen cells open on about a 1/3 of a frame of egg action. I had this and about 2 other small 3" areas of larva action.

I just do not know if I have a good queen in the big box or just an emergency try for a queen since I have so little eggs action.

The only good news is my Baton Rogue q c from the above box had the 5 frames in the nuc full of honey or brood and the hive is working like crazy. I plan to drop another nuc box on top of this because I checked to of the frames and HAD beautiful near full egg/brood action..Bees are very gentle

Cannot decide what to do. 1 Give the big hive a chance to see if I have a viable queen that has hatched out or combine nuc into the big box.

2 On the plywood nuc boxes with such a small opening do you usually add another hole for better ventilation?

Honey flow in the Houston is just starting other that what all my local neighborhoods are growing.

I do beekeeping for fun and really want to stay with two double deep hives and possibly a nuc for a spare.
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