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What to do with old pollen combs?

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Fellow club member gave me there deadout out. It was going strong for 3 years. The lady was nice, but absolutely clueless. I found rocks in the hive, and the boxes wern't aligned, the top was propped open. She thought the hive was still alive, but the bees going in were robbers. Many signs of swarming/queen cell activity on combs. Absolutely no wax moth making me think they died out end of fall in to winter, probably swarmed out from mites, lost the queen failed to mate. There was a very small cluster of dead bees left. Alot of honey, probably 50lbs, and frames of pollen.

To my question there are 4-5 combs completely full of old pollen, heavy with pollen. Some if it has black with mold. I've dealt with small amounts of left over pollen, but never this amount. Will bees use it or clean out. Can you, should I wash out the old pollen. I plan on extracting the honey to sell or ferment so I can use the combs this spring.
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I would let the bees clean it up and have the use of any pollen that is still good.
Ok thanks guys. Thats what I figure, just never had a whole frame. The bee bread isn't soft, its on the hard side
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