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So One of my three hives was a dead out.
There is still a deep 1/2 full of honey and a medium half full of honey frames.
Some of the frames are damp, I have them drying in the basement and some of the wax seal on the honey comb has poop on it. So I don't want to extract the honey due to the moisture and the bee poop and dead bees with their heads in the cells.
I'm planning on putting some each into the two hive. I also have a new 9 frame nuc deep coming soon and plan to to add some frames of honey to that new hive too. My understanding is the bees with clean off the wax dry out any damp open honey cells and reseal them!?!?? So if this is true, will I later be able to extract these frame of honey or should I just leave them for the bees? Should they be put on the outward edges of the brood chambers or up above the brood chamber?

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