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What to do with Deadout frames of honey

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Should I store these or leave them out for my other bees to rob out?
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Mediums? Deeps? If they are deeps you can use them for splits in the spring. If your bees are short this winter just put them on top of your hives. Not sure I understand exactly what you are asking though.
Close them up enough that bees can't get in but not so much that mold can start. The drawn comb will be damaged as it's robbed. A dead out with honey can be used (assuming you know why they died and it's not contagous) to supplement a hive that's low on stores. I did that last year when I knew there was an empty frame I would replace it with a "dead-out" one with stores.
. . put them on top of your hives.
I 2nd that advice. They will be safe from mice and may be useful to your other hives. Then you can sort it all out in March.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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