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What to do with a queenless swarm

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I collected a swarm 9 days ago (my first) and have serious doubts if there is a queen in the hive. How soon after you place them in the hive box should you start seeing egg laying? All I had for frames were 4 that were partially drawn. The rest were undrawn. I began to feed them immediately and they started building comb like crazy, but it seems they are just filling it with sugar water (2:1). I do have two other strong hives I can take a frame or two of brood from to supplement the swarm and give them soemthing to rasise a new queen with if they are queenless. Any ideas? How long should I wait before I do something?
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It is very unlikely that you have a queenless swarm. That is not how swarms work. The queen may have been from an afterswarm and was a virgin. It can take 5 to 10 days for her to get mated and then another day or two to start laying.
If you think that you may have killed her and what to check, take a frame with eggs from one of the other hives.
If they draw queens cells and use them, your know.
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