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What techniques for washing pollen out of frames

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I am trying to free up some of my frames that have pollen in them. I just tried to spray the pollen out and got only a few cells done. How do I do it so that it's more efficient?

I have some nucs coming and would like to use some of the better frames that have some sections of pollen in them. Would the bees remove the pollen? I didn't think they did.

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>Would the bees remove the pollen? I didn't think they did.

They will use it and in the process remove it. They don't ever seem to just remove it or move it. I'd just leave it, but if you really want to free it up, soak the frames until the pollen is liquid and then give it to the bees. It will ruin the pollen and at the same time make it soft enough for them to remove it.
When is the pollen too old? These frames are from last year.

I never worry about it. The bees can take care of that. But you can soak it loose if you want and they will probably remove it just fine.
Thank you, Michael. I had thought the frames that were pollen bound were not re-usable.

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