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What Size Hole?

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Does the size of the opening make much of a difference? I have a 7/8" hole for a cork in a small top bar hive that I want to use as both a nuc/swarm trap. Is this big enough or do they prefer a larger opening?

Searched and couldn't seem to find anything.
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This study suggests 1-1/4" but I'll bet 7/8" would work OK. Click Link
I use a 1 1/8 th hole. You can use a drink bottle top to plug the hole or drill a 1/2 " or whatever size you want to change it to or drill 1/8" for a vent. they are cheap. A cork will break off in the hole.
5/8" or large works well on my nucs, not sure about swarm science. Even bigger hives will do fine on small entrance. Eventually they will begin knawing at the wood to open it up, progress is slow. I run reduced entrances most of the year.
Now that I think of it, I will need a larger opening for a feeder on the back side should I need one for any nucs/splits. So I may make a 1.25" hole for detachable feeder and a smaller hole in front for use as a nuc that I'd plug during trap use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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