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What practices do you use to identify and care for the hives that swarmed?

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Its honey flow time and peak swarming. There are some full and partial supers, so hive inspections are cumbersome and disruptive. We have about 30 hives and I want to stay on track to identify those hives that don't requeen successfully after a swarm. Obviously, we don't always see the swarm happen to know when to look for a new laying queen. What are your methods at this time of year to deal with this situation?
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Mark your queens. An unmarked queen with lower population and no brood would be an indicator that the hive has swarmed.
Thanks - helpful answer!! We will be more intentional about marking queens. Do you ever boost these hives with brood, requeen/combine hives or just let them recover as is? Clearing brood may be good for varroa later so we don't want to over manage. Yet, on the other hand, swarming means less honey from that hive.....
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