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What kind of larvae?

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I pulled out my bottom board yesterday. First time I'd pulled it out in two weeks. I found three hive beetles and some wax in a small piles along the edges all gummed up. Not comb, just tiny flakes. I took a scraper to clean it off and found about four white larvae from 1/8 to 1/4 inches long in the wax. Is this wax moth larvae? Do I need to inspect the combs for more of them? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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Moth makes a white silk cocoon it crunchs when squeezed. Could still be in a larvae stage, no silk cocoon yet ? If i had to guess ? I would say, Good chance, better than 50% they are moths.........Larvae leave trails . I would look for trails in the back of the comb . I think you may find your answer ....?
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