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What kind of bait in Beetle Barns

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I just ordered several beetle barns from Rossman. I would like to avoid using a piece of check-mite+ in them as suggested, but I am not sure what to use as bait that would also kill them. I just read where one person has good luck using cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar and Tanglefoot (not quite sure what that is). Also, I saw a video on

where he uses a tube of something with small dabs squirted in the corners and center. Does anyone know what that is. Any suggestions?
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He is putting roach poison in the traps. it says platnim on the side of the tube.
Fipronil is often used as the insecticide inside beetle barns. This is not legal for use inside a bee hive. Tanglefoot is a super sticky goo that is used as a pest barrier on trees etc. If you put your q-tip or cotton ball in the center and surround that with Tanglefoot, the beetles will become stuck in the Tanglefoot. Apple Cider vinegar or a wax moth lure will attract the beetles.
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