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What is this behavior?

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Last week, we installed 2 new NUCs & added a queen excluder to our tallest, most healthy hive. At the same time, the weather changed to become much warmer than it has been.

This morning, my buddy went out to check on things & saw this:

All of the hives have bees hanging out in front of their entrances -- can someone shed some light?

Thanks in advance!
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Couldn't see your picture, But sounds like with the temperature rise, the hive may be a little warm and they are just out front cooling off.Do you see any bees faning at the entrance?If your using an entrance reducer you might open it up a bit to get some more ventilation.
bearding its normal for bees to do.
yep..... bearding.

A little warm.
But Just me, I would only put the excluder on if the queen is laying in the super. Otherwise I do not use them. I setup two hives one with and one without excluder and they drew out wax 5 or 6 times faster on the hive without. But I am pretty new.
Yeah -- we tried that & she was laying in the honey super.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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