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What is the highest number of times you split a hive?

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I use eight frame deeps for my hives. I had a single deep that I have split and made four nucs so far.
I was just curious how many times people have split a single hive. I am about to make another nuc from the same hive, which will make number five.
I know there are variables to each year and to each hive, but I am just looking for numbers for the fun of it.
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I split my smallest hive into 4 nucs to which I added queen cells this spring. I have since robbed quite a few frames of bees to supplement other splits from the original queen/hive who is still in a now 5 over 5 over 5 nuc. I just added the top deep 5 frame box this week and I put 5 of the green plastic drone frames in it. Once they get them drawn out, I am going to remove them and split the remaining 10 frames into 4 more nucs.

I want to try fall queen making and am going to try and get queens to lay drones late this summer in the green frames.
If the hive is booming after you made your splits then you can split it again and again.
There will be times when the hive seems to slow down in their population. This is the
time that I let them build up some more. Adding resources from other booming hives
will help too with your splits to grow faster. One year I split one hive into 7 because the
queen was laying like crazy that year. So it depends on your hive situation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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