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What is happening to my hive??

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Last week I had a really strong hive, lots of bees, lots of activity. I stopped feeding sugar syrup last week after reading some posts here.
Today I notice there is hardly any activity at the hive entrance, so I open the hive.
I have one deep and two supers on top. The first super is about 1/4 or more full of honey. The deep looks like some capped brood in the middle frames, but not as much as I was expecting. I guess I should ask an experienced beekeeper to help me.
Does anyone have any ideas?? Is the queen dead, or did the hive swarm?
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One more thing, a beekeeper told me that if the bees are bringing in pollen, the queen is alive, so I went and looked and none of them are bringing in any pollen.
Did you check for swarm cells on the bottom of the frames???, check for eggs?? Check for larvae??? Did you check to see if there is any frames with brood??? Alot of it pertains to your area...Right now here in ky its dry!
There are frames with brood, and I did see one swarm cell. What do you mean that it has to do with my area, is it normal for the hive to get this weak now?
It is possible that you fed too long and your hive swarmed at least once. That is why you see a queen cell, not much open brood and quite a bit of your bees and honey are gone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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