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What happened to the eggs

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I installed a package (3#) about 4 weeks ago and they accepted the queen with no trouble. The hive had 3 drawn frames and 4 with foundation 1 frame of honey. I added 1 to 1 syrup with the intrance closed to 3/4 inch and they were bringing in pollen and nector like crazy. She startd laying in about a week filled 1 frame both sides and half of another frame real quick then she slowed down then finally stoped. Only about half of the eggs hatched and were capped i have no idea what happened to the other eggs. Now as the bee's begin to hatch they look deformed and are almost pure white with very few being hatched alive. The queen is still there but she isn't laying. WHAT CPILD BE WRONG?
I'm in desperate need of help. Soon there want be enough bees to save the hive if I don't find a soulation soon. HELP!
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Get yourself a new queen ASAP. Why she isn't laying could be attributed to many reasons and frankly isn't that important, but the most important thing is that she is NOT laying. Pinch the old queen, wait a day or so and introduce the new queen properly, queen cage and all.

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Not enough good info, and too much frivolous info.

It doesn't matter how big your package was, how many frames of comb and foundation you started with, or the syrup you fed them.

What do you have now? How many frames are covered with bees? What do you mean by deformed bees? Deformed in what way? Baby bees will look grayish white and fuzzy after emerging. That's normal.

Did the queen stop laying because she ran out of room to lay? If the bees aren't drawing comb fast enough, the queen runs out of space to lay. The bees can only cover a limited amount of comb, and if the queen lays more eggs than they can cover, some eggs will die or be eaten.

You say you started the package a month ago, and it took the queen a week to start laying. You should just now start to see the very first capped brood emerging. The queen didn't lay every egg in one day, so don't expect all the brood to emerge in one day.
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