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I set up my first ever hive this year and it appears to be doing well but wanted to float a couple questions past you?

The hive was started in mid-April with a 3 lb. package. Have examined it many times and everything looks as expected. Haven't looked at it in the past 3 weeks (will be looking this weekend) but am not expecting to see anything out of the ordinary. The last time I examined the hive (3 wks ago) I definitely noticed an increase in the population from the previous examination (a week prior to that). I have been giving them syrup since the day they were started and of late they have been consuming over a quart a day, actually noticed yesterday that they downed 1/2 a quart in 4 hours. (I give then syrup so that I can be assured they build up big and strong.)
Would you consider this an appropriate amount of syrup for them to consume?

Since they appear to be quite strong would splitting be appropriate this year, or should I wait until next year? (But I guess that would mean I need to get another queen).

Thanks in advance.
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Are they on one deep hive body or did you place the 2nd deep hive body??????? If you placed the 2nd deep hive body they are filling it up with sugar water if they are taking that much...When you inspect soon as possible since its been 3 weeks i would see if they are filling the cells with sugar water....I just filled my second deep hive body and placed my first medium super on sunday! I to started a 3 lb package in april! Two weeks before i inspected i took notice that they was feeding 4 times as much as usual! I took them off the feed and added the medium super....They are grown up now and its time to cut the cord!
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