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Put on the bee suit and went out to just watch the four hives I have. When I arrived one of the hives was just in a blur. Hundreds and hundreds of bees doing an orientation flight outside the hive. Bees bearded up on the landing board and fanning for all their worth. Groups of bees piled on each other, splitting apart then jumping back together again.

I was concerned of a robbing situation and walked right up to the hive. Not robbing, just lots of activity as I described above.

Watch them do this for about 40 minutes and then it all slowed to a halt.

What was it I saw?

I'm thinking orientation and lots of waggle dancing, etc. As for the bees fanning the nasonoph pheremone, I suppose that's what they were doing.

Any other ideas?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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