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What bees are these?

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The swarm is home & hived, with just a baited nuc to pick up any stragglers.

Can't judge temperment yet as I've had to mess with them while we've had overcast & misty weather. Sun should come out this afternoon & temps to upper 70's, so I'm going to let them settle a bit & then go check them out and do a little rearranging.

The new girls look like Italians--orange & black stripes on the abdomen, but about the last third is solid black as are the heads & thorax. Looks like they dipped their little butts into an inkwell. Also noticed that many of them are a lot smaller than my package bees.

Any ideas what they might be crossed with? I'll try to post a picture if I can find batteries for my camera.
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Got the same thing and some of them are just about all black:scratch:
Some were theorizing the black bottom bees were a cross with Russians.
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