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What are they up to?

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Sunday I put 3 extracted supers above the inner cover of one hive to get them cleaned up. Yesterday I checked on them expecting they had done their bit and the supers to be fairly abandoned. But there were lots of bees in them. I checked frames from each super and found that they are capping some of the cells. But I don't know why. The low spots cause by cutting and scraping capping off when I extracted have not been drawn as you would expect if the were refilling them. The cappings are not white from new wax. They are more the color of capped brood. But it's only been 3 days since I put them on so no chance of larva ready to pupate. I opened some of the capped cells and they are empty and dry, no honey, no larvae, no pollen. Anyone seen this before? Should I not worry about it and just get the supers off and strored? Since I didn't know what was going on I left them as I found them.
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I'm at a loss here. I've never seen nor heard anything like that. Where are they getting the wax if there's no flow on? I'm looking forward to hearing the answer (or best guess) to this one.
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