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What a difference in nectars

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As I understand it the color of honey is determined by the nectar collected by the honeybee. This April the weather was dry and so the bees were able to get out to the flowers and collect many different nectars. Last year it rained most of April and May so the bees had a limited selection of nectar sources. Below are the results. Both bottles are from the month of May. The one on the right is from May 2009 and the one on the left is from May 2010. Both are from the same bees and same areas. Both taste great too.
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wow! what a difference, they both taste great, but do they taste the same?? thanks for showing what a difference the weather can do :0)
Oh MAN, what a difference. I really appreciate the picture and explanation. Talk about isolating the variablel. Your constant control was same bees, same hive, same month and your variable was the weather from one year to the next.

I am impressed. Thought provoking.

Thanks alot.
May 2009 looks like Tulip Poplar you have many poplar trees near you? Of course, the darker honey could be from a number of other sources as well. Just a thought.
Yes, there are Tulip Poplars around. Last year with all the rain the girls just couldn't get out to the flowers and missed most of them. I guess the girls have been working other sources of nectar this year. That's fine with me as long as they're working.

I hope to get some cotton honey later this year too. I've heard that some bees in our area were spotted working the coton last year. I haven't had any cotton honey in the last 4 years.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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