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Santa Cruz, CA
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It's been a very hot, dry, and overall miserable summer here in Santa Cruz. I've been feeding heavily since June and as the drought continued I couldn't wait until things started blooming again in Fall/Winter.

Typically our dearth ends with the bloom of Eucalyptus around the end of October. However, with last years drought I didn't see the Eucalyptus on the property bloom until Mid November! The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus has a LOT of buds on it this year but still no blooms. In preparation for this bloom, I start feeding pollen sub around the first of Oct. The bees have been taking it down like crazy! I just put another 3 lbs on each hive today which means they are taking over a pound a week!

However, today I noticed a Eucalyptus in town hanging over a hot busy street in full bloom, covered in bees! I wouldn't have expected a tree in this area to bloom but there she was. Probably has something to do with the cooler day temps and warmer nights as I'm further from the coast getting warmer days and cooler nights...but I'm no Eucalyptus expert.

Anyone else near the coast getting blooms and hope of relief from the dearth?

I'm excited to finally become a beekeeper again. I watch everyone all summer with their bees while our season is opposite - getting all our blooms late fall through spring.

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