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went to look at a cutout

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from the outside they are entering between some voids in the block wall about 28' up. on the inside there is a steel flat roof that had a new A frame roof built over top. there is a second level inside at the area where they are. standing on the very top of a 6' ladder, I can touch the ceiling, and I could smell the hive. so they are about 11' off the ground to the bottom of the ceiling. Over the phone the woman told me there was wood on the walls, but it is block. I'm pretty sure they are between the roofs and not in the soffit. they are also coming into the building where the steel frame goes into the block. I took my inspection camera and a pry bar assuming I could pull back some sheeting to look. I didn't have anything to drill a hole in the steel ceiling so I could have a look. I told them I would think about it and let her know or give her the name of someone who may do it , but probably not for free. they want them out of there soon. I'm pretty sure a large section of the steel ceiling would need to be cut out to get them out. I took 1 sting to the forearm while up on the ladder.

any thoughts?


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If this will be your first cutout, I would walk away.

How thick is the "steel" roof you would have to cut through - is it like thin metal siding, or galvanized corregated sheet metal? If sheet metal, I would walk away.

How much space do you have to work between the roofs? If you have to crawl, I would walk away.

How is the ventilation in the space? If you cant get some cool air, I would walk away. You will sweat outside in a breeze doing a cutout, even with a ventilated suit. Doing one in an enclosed attic might kill you and the bees.

How will you get a hive up there to put the cutout comb in? How will you get it down?

Just some things to consider given your description.
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