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I just am so happy - I don't have to make my own Dadant deep frames! I am using 2 mediums as the single Dadant deep hive body. This is pretty similar to the original Charles Dadant box, though it is only 10 frames.

Weller Bee Supply made Dadant deep frames (12.75 in frame length, to fit 2 meds glued together), for $1.40 a frame.

For foundation, my husband is helping with cutting plastic foundation on the table saw so it will fit "sideways" though a hexagon doesn't have an orientation where it matters. So 2 sheets of foundation for 1 Dadant deep frame.

Now I can focus on custom Queen castle boxes! Hooray! Oh wait, I can't find any straight lumber 1x12" at the big box stores... uh-oh... may be time to shop local some more for lumber...
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