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Background to the story:

I have two colonies that I have adopted for an absent farm owner (he works in China) plus one of my own left from a tree hive last year. Because of circumstances for the adopted hives, I moved them to my home location and began the process of replacing hive bodies and frames that were moldy and/or broken. (These hives had been neglected for at least two years.)

While trying to get the two step-children lined out, my own hive lost their queen and became a laying worker hive. The two step-children hives were not up to snuff, so I decided to re-queen all three. That was 7 days ago.

This afternoon, my wife got on her suit (the only one we have right now as we are just getting back into things and not a lot of tool inventory) and I went out in my overalls, t-shirt and ball cap. I expected the laying worker hive to still be touchy after what I put them through to re-queen, but they were docile and not very interested in us at all. The queen is not in the cage. Yeah!!! Pull a frame that looks heavy with bees, sure enough, there she is going about her business. I think she wanted to lay but didn't want us watching. Maybe she is shy. ;)

Well, move on to the step-children. Same story. The queen is out and doing her thing. The feed is helping to pull some comb. They are still drinking about a quart every two days. Cool!

Moral of the story: Sometimes things just work the way they are supposed to and nobody has to get all bent out of shape. I like it!! :D

Gonna give everyone a few days and then check egg pattern and such. We'll see if "nice" sticks around for awhile.
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