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Well, I shoulda left them alone.

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So, I have to leave town for a month so I had to get my hives lined out so I could leave them. I had the queen less cutout hive and 2 nucs that I got last week. The nucs were both weak and neither queen was laying yet. Disappointing. The cut out has had 2 chances to produce a queen but had no sign of a laying queen yet,

So I combined the nucs and took the extra queen and put her in a cage and introduced her to the cutout hive. The were neutral toward her. No attacking, they were feeding her, but they didn't act queenless either. So I left her in there in the cage over night. I decided I HAD to know if it was queen less before I left.

So I used 2 deeps and brushed and smoked all the frames through a queen excluder.

No sign of a queen. I reassembled the hive and placed the queen from the nuc in her cage with a marshmallow and called it good.

Then I went to walk away...There on the ground was a small clump of bees and i'm sure you've guessed by now, my virgin queen in the middle of it. She had flown out. She is kinda torn and bedraggled looking so I want sure what to do. This queen is from local survivor bees and the nuc queen is a mated but not yet laying queen out of california. So do I chose the local, unmated queen or an imported beauty queen?

I walked her to the entrance to see how the hive behaved toward her. She ran right into the hive, and I went "Crap, I should have caged her too till I decided what to do"

It was getting late and cooling off by this point, I couldnt decide what to do. I looked real fast to see if I could locate her and put one of the queens into a small nuc. I couldnt find her again in the crowded hive, so I decided to let the bees sort it out. I left both queens inside. Call me stupid if you will, lol but it was the best I could do at that point.

here again is the pic of the nuc queen.

well. I have time tonight to see if the caged queen is relaesed, but I leave for a month first thing in the morning, so This hive is in its own hands.
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