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Weird swarm

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Two weeks ago I removed a swarm and brought it home. They were on a branch. I shook them out but apparently didn't get the queen so they left the next day. Last week I got the call that they were back at the same place same exact tree. This time I got them in the hive with the queen. So now a week later I go out to the bee yard and see a cloud of bees coming from the swarm hive. I open up the hive and there is still a batch of bees in the hive. They've only drawn maybe a frame of foundation. What is up with this!?
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Dont know, but maybe you did have the queen the first time and they just dont like the new digs. I have heard it is the first few days that makes the difference, when they make up their mind. also heard if you add a frame of eggs/larvae you have a better chance at them staying put. Good Luck.:popcorn:
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