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Weird situation - Drone-Laying Queen?

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Hi all - one of my spring packages didn't accept its queen, so I put in a frame of open brood from another hive and they raised some queen cells right away. A few weeks later (3-4?), it looks like there may be a drone-laying queen in the hive (never successfully mated?). I think it's a drone-laying queen rather than laying workers because the brood is all in a regular formation in the middle of the frame (not random), but clearly they are drones (bullet-shaped cells). I do see single eggs (not multiple) in some cells. I looked and looked, but can't find the virgin queen for the life of me (someone told me to catch her and pinch her), so thinking of splitting the hive and putting open brood into each split and requeening the one that starts to make queen cells (I know - should have done that before, but I think it's kind of fun to have them raise their own). Sound like a plan? I guess then the one with the drone-laying queen will eventually die out because of no workers being born. Any suggestions/thoughts appreciated. Thanks
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You did not say how your other packages are doing. It is likely a drone layer, particularly if the drones are capped and not scattered.
Rather than use the bees that are getting old for starting cells I would use your best queens brood and a fresh nuc or even brood over an excluder rather than a straight split.

Keep looking for the queen, you will find her. Move the frames out of the hive one by one, shake off most bees and check carefully, into another body, she will have a hard time hiding when there are no frames left in her hive. Shake off all bees and recycle through to pick up more bees if you have to.
If you put an empty in the old location and move the hive to check you will get less traffic.
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