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Weather Bees!

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I am an absolute newbee, have not even been stung yet. My wife says I am OOCD about it.

We just had a Texas storm move through, with quarter size hail.

I went out to check on the hive just before the storm arrived and saw all the bees were incoming to the hive, with none leaving. Just before the hail hit I looked and could only see a couple of bees at the entrance, looking out, and telling the rest of them "No, you really do not want to go out there!" About 5:30 at 80 degrees.

At 6:00 the storm has passed, and the bees are once again coming out of the hive and off to do what bees do.

When I started this I had no idea that having bees would have this added aspect. How neat is that?
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Yup, it is pretty cool. I experienced it once too. I was put in the yard just as the wind picked up for a storm. All of a sudden there was a river of bees streaming into the hives. About a minute after the influx stopped a major storm hit. I wondered if they were sensitive to the pressure change or if they were out in the direction the storm was coming from and knew from it already storming there it was time to go home.
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