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Weather and Floating Hives

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I made a post on my beekeeping blog about the weather we have been having in NC. The reason I bring this up is this picture:

This is in Boonville, NC. Quite a few hives have been destroyed in this apiary! The waters in most of the rivers in the Piedmont have flooded and several sewer plants failed due to the flooding at the start of the week spilling sewage into the rivers....

The Yadkin River in my neck of the woods (the one that caused the hive damage) was 28' above normal! Now they are predicting several inches of snow and everyone is running to the grocery scared of 2-3 days of bad weather. As we all know, people in NC don't get regular snow fall, so several inches scares everyone. We don't have the infrastructure to handle it.
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put you hives on a floating dock and tie it off. water goes up so do hives
I guess I should have added that these are not mine!
That's terrible to see. Has this river flooded to that point before in the past?
Yeah I live where the Yadkin head end is. It's been bad, snow melting with rain on top of it. Had 3 inches rain over the weekend, getting snow and ice over the weekend.
That is awful I hate to see that. It happens even when you don't think it can happen to you. sorry for that beek.
Man, I hate to see that. Lost some hives like that myself in the early '70's... learned real quick to go to the county flood map and discover the 100-year flood levels wherever I wanted to put hives.
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