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weak hive

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Got a hive at the house that just doesn't seem to be doing well.
Not very many bees in the hive and the queen is not the same one that was in the hive before the move from Savannah. I've reduced it down to one MED super in the hopes that it will recoever. Also been putting out sugar water as fast as they will take it.
Anythingg else that I can do?
I threw the deep frames into the freezer for later use.
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In a week check your brood laying pattern. If it is messed up you may want to think about replacing your queen. If the patten is good and tight then it's just a matter of getting the population up. Remember that the bees will only lay enough so they can cover the brood with the bees in the hive and sometimes this takes a bit of time to really get going.
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