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Weak Hive ordering new 2lb package

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I have a really weak hive less than 1/2 a frame of bees but the queen is laying. I decided to just order a 2 lbs package and replace this hive. The question I have is around what to do with the old bees?

Should I just go 100 Yards away and shake them off into the field? Then the workers may return but everyone else will die off? I was just going to put the new bees in this hive after shaking off the bees, but I don't want the old bees to try and kill off the queen.

There is no disease in the hive, they were weak going into winter and I didn't think they would make it. I'm surprised that they were still alive and kicking.
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just take the old hive and put a single sheet of newpaper ontop of the frames - then set a new box of 10 frames on the paper - (oh make a few slits in the paper) but then dump your 2lb on to the new empty box. place the cover on and come back in about 2 days- the bees will be happy -
Will your new 2# package come with a queen? Assuming so, I'd hive the package, separately, let the queen emerge and start laying. When it has built out to ten frames, then I'd unite (via newspaper method) my new package with my old weak hive, after pinching the old queen.

That way you unite two established colonies, and you know your new queen is laying. Plus you don't run the risk of old bees killing new queen. And you'll end up with a stronger population sooner. FWIW.
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