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weak hive inspection tips.

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I have a hive that is pretty weak. I caught them as a swarm back in May they did really well the first month. They drew their comb out in about 2-3 weeks. I've noticed the hive has slowly became weaker as time goes by. I did a hive inspection in June and found the queen, saw her laying eggs. I had several frames of capped brood, and lots of eggs in the empty cells, everything looked good, to my rookie eyes. The one thing I did notice was that they were not the least bit aggressive, which is unlike most of my other hives. This hive was full of bees but they were not working when my other hives were. I observed the hive Sunday and it looked like the hive was empty all but the occasional bee flying in or out. I'm sure there are still bees in the hive. I'm going to do and inspection the weekend. What should I look for in this inspection?
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I know these can change but the pattern was really good last time and there was an abudance of eggs. I do remember seeing one bee that had a deformed wing and one bee that could not fly. could this mean anything? both looked like young bees, they were really fuzzy with their hair.
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