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we were piping at each other

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i have a little digital scale that i use to weigh the hives. it beeps when it takes a reading. so i'm weighing late last night, the scale beeps, and then i hear a little echo, same note. i do it a few more times and realize it's coming from a nuc where i had put some queen cells in a half-hearted second attempt to raise a new queen. it was SO COOL! after a while, she stopped doing it. i probably pissed her off.

judging from when i found the queen cells, my little queen calendar says this is mating flights week. not a great week for it, it's dearthy and not many drones are around. so would this be a virgin queen thinking she was hearing a rival? i'm not going to open that nuc for another week just in case good things are happening. did i mention how cool it was to hear?! one of those beekeeping moments where you see (or hear) something you've only read about.
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