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I will post the name as soon as I get permission from the winner.
Thank you everyone who voted for us. Just looked, we are at 154 votes, 96 to go.
Everyone who has entered the raffle will have another chance to win at 200 votes and 250 or June 30th, what ever comes first. And we just decided, if we win this contest, we will have one more raffle.
Just found out, the easy way to vote is to go to facebook and type in Country Rubes and vote right on that page. If you hit the facebook button, it lets me know so I can put you in the raffle. If you don't do that, make sure you let me know you voted by posting here, send me an email [email protected] or register on our webpage
Thank you for all your support and if you haven't voted yet, please do. We have until 6/30th but who wants to wait until the last minute.
Have a great day,
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