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Mike and I are back, making our Country Rube's Combo Deep Screened Bottom Boards and equipment.
We did miss the major rush of beekeeping, but if you are interested, our Combo DeepScreened Bottom Boards will be ready in a few weeks. We are taking preorders on our site, You can prepay or send us a email at
[email protected] and when we have them back in stock, we will invoice you and mail out.
We have a limited amount, 11 left, of our old Country Rubes Original Screened Bottom Boards for sale for $35.00. We also have 8-frame adaptors, spacer rims and about 5 Dusting Screens that are available. No Robbing Screens yet, but they are next on our list and we are taking pre-orders on those.
Tired of painting? Looking for equipment that will last years and years?
Our Weatherproofed Beekeeping Equipment are boiled in a solution of pariffin and tree rosin and will last for years. This process drives out all the moisture from the wood. The wood cannot rot! You can't paint it, paint will not stick.
The finish does darken with age, but retains it's weatherproofing abilities. No other treatment is necessary.
Check out our website at
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