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Wax Moths and wood ash

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Has anyone tried using wood ash under their hives as a deterrent to pest propagating around them?

I was trying to find information on what pH certain pests prefer.

Im new to BK and will receive my 2 new hives next week. I live in southern side of East Texas in the woods and always have plenty of ash left over from storm cleanups. Just doing plenty of reading and video watching.

The reason im getting into BK is because im not seeing the pollinators I once did around here. We used to have tons of bees pollinating our fruit trees and garden. The number of honey bees dropped where i didn't see any. I did see large amount of bumblebees in its place. Now i dont see them. People are moving out here to become ranchers and clearing all the trees. I have found the bumblebees hibernating in pine trees that have fallen over. Now you don't see any around.
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I remember reading a post and watching a related video from a beekeeper in Eastern Europe - Romania, Ukraine - somewhere in that neck of the woods. (My memory isn't what it once was ... )

She used buckets of wood-ash inside a purpose-made shed - the idea being to fill the empty comb cells with wood-ash for comb storage. Can't remember now how she went about filling both sides ...

This technique completely stopped the wax-moths from breeding - so wood-ash does work as a wax-moth deterrent - only not placed on the ground. :)
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