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I didn't know they could move in so fast! Last inspection at the strawberry field was on 7/10 and all four hives were booming! Their honey remained uncapped because of the hot, humid weather, but they were all busy working the squash, cantalope, etc. I inspected the brood boxes on that visit and there was no sign of wax moths. Today I went back to take off the honey and I didn't even have to look inside hive #4 to know the news wasn't good. Detritis all over the bottom board and no action. Wax worms all over and only 3 bees in the hive! I didn't know they could take over so quickly. What could possibly have cause the decline in my bees' strength?

The good news is the other three are as strong as ever. I see no sign of wax moths and the bees are wall to wall. Gonna be moving the remaining 3 hives home come this fall and am glad I am--I can see my girls at home every day and know all's well or stop a problem in its tracks.
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