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Wax Moth Worms

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Checking one of my hives I found a pile of wax moth worms (alive) on the bottom board. I took the supers off and cleaned off. I dug into the frames a little closer but didnt find any moths but could see more eggs and worms. This hive was just re-queened and also had a frame from a stong hive added for support. what else can I do?
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Use the worms for fish bait.
Getting the hive population back up so the bees can take care of them. If you can add some more capped brood, that would help. I'll defer to more experienced beeks to see if you can spot spray BT. Is there any way you can consolidate the hive. Push 3 to 2 or 2 to1??
Hope that helps

Rick SoMd
I'm going thru an infestation in one of my hives, and I've been tossing the frames--wax & all--to the hens. They've been enjoying the treat. Can't use the nasty wax anyway and I get pretty clean frames when they're done.
Xen Tari? I haven't tried it, but have read a little about it. Sundance, here in the forum, sells it.

Put a entrance reducer on your hive, so that the smaller population of bees, can guard the entrance better.
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