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Wax Melter for dipping frames

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I have a lot of old plastic frames (unwaxed) that the bees don't like to draw out. I pressure washed them to get off any residue but the bees still won't draw them unless I dip them in beeswax. I bought a melter from a company that is in the shop getting fixed more than it is in use! I need a better system. Any suggestions for a replacement melter? I need it to hold 40-50 lbs of wax and be large enough to dip a 7 5/8" frame. Thanks in advance for any ideas....Chip
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Try rolling wax on verses dipping?

How do you roll the wax on? I've heard of brushing it on.
BTW.... We have a Maxant water jacketed tank and think their stuff is the best. You could also try a large pot from a restaurant supply place and a turkey frier. We do this also for the really nasty wax.
Thanks. I'll look into that. What I bought was designed to melt beeswax and it works great when it's not in the repair shop. Probably the most unreliable machine I've ever bought!
My understanding is that if the wax is hot enough to be liquid it will be hot enough to damage the plastic foundation.
Waxmelters. Haven't noticed any damage to the plastic and it's set at 212F. Any cooler and it's pretty thick and wasteful of wax. I've done a couple thousand frames and the bees draw it out well with a thin wax coating.
Try pre-warming the frames to reduce the thickness of wax that is left behind, Sqkcrk - yes, if he held the frame in for any length of time, I believe it would warp.

Crazy Roland
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