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Water station

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I have a water station made out of a Tupperware tub, Pine straw, water,HBH, rocks and sticks. How do you keep the mosquito larva out of it? what can you put in the water that will kill the mosquito but not harm the bees.

They love the set up . but we don't like the mosquito.

We have an in ground pool also in the yard and they have not gone near it.
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My own thought is that you'd want to rinse out and put in fresh water every 3-5 days or so anyway, so that would get rid of mosquito larvae. I keep a shallow birdbath type dish on the ground within garden hose distance, and give it a good spray out and refill every 3 days.
I was taught to get a barrow (I've got 45 gal plastic drum from the local Coke plant) and fill it with water, something for the bees to land on and a single gold fish (this fish will eat the mosquito larvae).

Only one fish due to the amount of oxygen is what I believe he said. It would not hurt to get some grass or other water plant for the fish.

But I still have bees visiting a neighbors fountain. He does not mind because I give him honey!
use a chicken water'er cheap and easy.
Suggest you see my Water Station design. This design is fairly easy to build, will keep the mosquitoes to a minimum and virtually no light for algae issues. A live example is on my page.

This design has been working maintenance free all summer. It doesn't allow light for algae, floats with the water surface to minimize drowning and the 1/2" holes are coarse enough to allow my bees easy access for drinking. As a bonus, the rain fills it up and is used as a cover weight.
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