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Yesterday evening I sat behind mom's pole barn and watched the hives as the sun was going down. There are loads of chipmunks out back and, if you know chipmunks, they're quite curious and friendly little creatures. I had one scamper up to my feet and sniff around and I watched it **** it's head as it listened to various insects scurrying around.

There were a handful of drones and a few workers on the ground near me and I watched that little chipmunk run up to the bees and give them a sniff. This is when I realized how smart these little creatures are.

The chipmunk ran up to an old worker bee, sniffed it, and left it alone. When it sniffed a drone, though, it picked it up and ate it. I watched as this little fur ball repeated this behavior until all drones were consumed, leaving only the workers behind.

Anyways, I thought it was pretty darn cool.
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