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I read this on another forum I visit. Thought it might interest some, especially beekeepers in Arkansas.

Warning for Bee Keepers in Arkansas and other parts of the USA

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I had my hives inspected March 10, 2014 and all was good except for one thing.
My Small Hive Beetle Traps (BAIT)
I was warned that the only chemical that is approved for the Small Hive Beetles is "CHECK MITE STRIPS"
I can cut them up into pieces and put them inside my traps.
Anything that is NOT APPROVED will be turned over to the state and they will pass it on to the USDA which will in turn fine you and give you a hard time.
He said that the state apiary commission is coming down hard on the inspectors about this situation.
He said to beware of what is on the internet for a lot of it is not approved.
Just a heads up on this, they're cracking down a little harder every year
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